Best Acoustic Guitar Under $300?

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A Great Acoustic-Electric Guitar For Under $300

In my last article, I recommended the Yamaha FG800 as one of the best acoustic guitars you can buy for under $200. However, I did recommend you pony-up a few extra bucks to buy the hard case bundle with the FG800. It is very important to protect your guitar with a hard case. This is especially true if you are going to travel anywhere with your guitar.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the Yamaha FGX800C, a great guitar for under $300. When comparing the FG800 vs the FGX800C there are a few important differences which justify the $100 cost difference.

The Yamaha FGX800C: Like the FG800 with Icing

The Yamaha FGX800C is very similar to the FG800 but it has two important features that add value to it. The first nice feature is that the FGX800C is a “cutaway” guitar. That is what the “C” stands for in the name. The cutaway refers to the shape of the body of the guitar. If you look at a picture of the Yamaha FG800 and compare it to the  Yamaha FGX800C, you will notice the the FGX800C appears to have a part of the body cut from it compared to the FG800. This cutaway allows easier access to the higher frets on the fret-board.  This is not a critical feature for beginners because you won’t be playing high on the fret-board regularly. However, is is nice to be able to have the option play high on the fret-board of the guitar. One disadvantage to cutaway guitars is that they may affect the guitar’s tone because the size and shape of the chamber in the guitar’s body is affected.

The other nice feature of the Yamaha FGX800C is that it is an acoustic-electric guitar. This means that you can use a guitar cable to plug it into an amplifier. This will allow you to play to large groups of people and easily amplify the guitar’s sound. You can also play in a band with drums. If you have a loud amplifier or PA system your guitar could be heard over the drums.

Note that the “electric”  in the name “acoustic-electric” guitar does not mean it is an “electric guitar”. It means that the FGX800 is an acoustic guitar that can be amplified. Without getting too technical, the FGX800C has “pick-ups” in it under it’s bridge that are like a microphone for a guitar. Even if you don’t plan on playing your guitar through an amplifier, it is nice to have the option to amplify your guitar in the future.

The “X” in the name FGX800C refers to the fact that it is an acoustic-electric guitar. Another great feature of this guitar’s electronics system is that it has a built-in tuner! This is a convenient feature because it is absolutely critical that you always stay in tune as a guitarist.

Just like in my previous article on the under $200 FG800, I highly recommend you get a hard-shell case to protect your FGX800C. Currently, the deal on amazon is a no-brainer. For only $20 extra you can get the FGX800C with hard-shell case and extra picks, strings, a strap, an extra electric tuner, and a guitar book! That is a great deal for a all your are getting with such a quality budget guitar.




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