Country Guitar Ending Lick in G

Country Guitar Lick – A Lesson on how to End a Song in the Key of G

Here is a fun “Super Quick Lick” you can use to end country songs in the Key of G. There is a you can download the free tab below. I use this country guitar lick all the time. The picking directions may seem counter-intuitive at first. Trust me, you want to use the correct pick-stroke directions I tell you to in the video lesson. The picking strokes are also provided in the free tab below.

The “up-picks” may feel odd at first but there is a reason that this country guitar lick uses them. When counting out the eighth notes, the lick uses down-pick strokes when we say the number and up-pick strokes when we say the “and”. When you say “and” when counting it is called the up-beat.  So this country guitar lick uses up-picks when we count the up-beats.

In exercise one, I will show you how to play one octave of the G Major Pentatonic. For exercise two, we will add a passing note. Then in exercise three I will show you how to play the “pretty” version of the country guitar lick. Finally in exercise four, I will show you how to play the country guitar lick with the passing note. It sounds funkier with the passing note.

Use the interactive video tab player to master this country guitar lick lesson.

There is also an interactive video tab of this lesson available to Supporting Members. The interactive video tab will really help you master this lick. There is a tab player with a video of me playing the exercises next to it. You can slow the player and video down in increments all the way to half speed. You can even speed the tab and video up to play the country guitar lick even faster. Donate any amount to support Good Vibes Guitar and access interactive video tab player in the Supporter’s Rewards section below.

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