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Good Vibes Guitar is a donation-based website, and donors will receive instant access to great Supporter’s Rewards! Name Your Price based on the value you find in these lessons.

You can choose a monthly donation level to support Good Vibes Guitar, or even name a custom price. Donate by card, PayPal, or bank transfer. All donations are handled by a service called Donorbox and you can change or cancel your donation anytime. You can also choose to donate once for a lifetime of Supporter’s Rewards. After donating, you will have instant access to all Supporter’s Rewards which include:

  • Interactive video TAB play-alongs on Soundslice
  • Full printable .pdf downloads of songsheetes and TABS
  • Guitar Pro files
  • Download each lesson’s video to view offline
  • All social lockers will be unlocked, no need to share!
  • Comment and ask questions on each lesson
  • Easily change or cancel your donation anytime

Choose your donation price based on the value you find  in these lessons. The more generous you are, the more time and energy I can devote to making excellent guitar lessons- and the more good vibes I will send your way! You can also see that I offer rewards for higher level donations including thanking you at the end of each lesson, email support, video exchange support, and once a month Skype or Google Hangouts guitar lessons along with video exchange support. Thank you for donating! -Brian