Hey Joe Guitar Lesson Video And Chords

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Hey Joe Guitar Tutorial Video Lesson

Here is a great song that was covered by Jimi Hendrix. Is has an interesting chord progression of major chords ascending by fifths. In this lesson I will teach you some exercises that will give you some great ideas on how to play this song and create your own unique version.

In video one, I will show you how to play the intro and the repeating chord progression of the verses. I will also teach you the fun chromatic bass-line that follows the chord progression of the song.

The intro to Hey Joe uses the Em Pentatonic Scale. If you find the intro lick difficult to play at first don’t be discouraged. It is more difficult than strumming the verse chords or playing the bass-line. If you are a supporting member, you can use the interactive video tab to slow the intro down to up to 50% and watch me play it. Or you can play along with me.

I will then teach you the chords to Hey Joe. Like I said before, the chord progression is interesting because it is ascending by fifths. The chord progression follows a portion of the Circle of Fifths. If you don’t understand the Circle of Fifths that is okay. You don’t need to understand it play this song, I just find the music theory interesting. In exercise 2 in the tab and Hey Joe video lesson, I will show you how to play a strum pattern that sounds great.

The chromatic bass-line following the chord progression in exercise 3 is fun to play. Exercise 3 would be a great guitar exercise in itself. Be sure to play it with proper and don’t bend the guitar strings down.

Learn to Play some Hey Joe Embellishment Licks and Barre Chords in Video 2

In video 2 of this guitar lesson for Hey Joe I will show you how to embellish the chords, add some passing notes, and play some great licks. You can mix-and-match the licks and place them where you feel they sound the best.

I will also show you how to play the chord progression with barre chords. When transitioning between the barre chords I will teach you how to play some melodic passing notes in a style Jimi Hendrix would commonly use.

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One reward available for support’s that will really help you with this lesson is the interactive video tab. In the interactive tab I play all 7 exercises found in videos 1 and 2 for this guitar tutorial on how to play Hey Joe. You can watch me play it while while the tab plays and slow down the video, loop the tab, and more. You really have to see it in action to appreciate how powerful of a learning tool this supporter’s reward is.

Supporting Members can download a printable .pdf of this songsheet here:

Download “Hey-Joe-Songsheet.pdf” Hey-Joe-Songsheet.pdf – Downloaded 6 times – 42 KB

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