Sawdust Blues Video Guitar Lesson With Rhythm and Lead Parts

12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson With Free Tab

In this two-part video blues guitar lesson I am going to teach you how to play this 12 bar blues song I wrote called Sawdust Blues. I have provided a free tab for the song in video 1. You can download it by clicking on the button below. Along with tab I am going to give you a special free gift to help you learn this song.

In video 2 below I will teach you how to play a slightly more difficult 2-bar repeating pattern for this 12 bar blues song. The last is different as well. I will show you how to play a triplet pattern.

I will also teach you the solo in video 2. If you have not soloed much before, this is great tasty solo to get you started. I think even a beginner can play this solo. You don’t need to add slides or vibrato, you need to play the notes cleanly at first. Then you can add the embellishments.

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Memorize the 12 Bar Blues Song Structure

Here are the notes of the A Major Scale: A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G#-A(octave). This song is in the key of A. The first note of the A Major Scale in the key of A is “A”. In the 12 bar blues in A, you call this the “one chord” or “I chord” using Roman Numerals when you play from this tonal center.

The fourth note of the A major scale is “D”. This is the “four chord” or “IV chord” in the Key of A.

The fifth note of the A major scale is “E”. This is the “five chord” or “V chord” in the Key of A.

Below is a common 12 bar blues structure using Roman numerals to represent the chord your on. These Roman numerals are sometimes called “Nashville Numbers” because they are so commonly used in that musical city. Each slash represents a bar line. Here is the common 12 bar blues structure.

I/I/I/I/ IV/IV/I/I/ V/IV/I/V/  …repeat

Here is the same song structure applied to the Key of A

A/A/A/A/ D/D/A/A/ E/D/A/E …repeat

This is the song structure we are using in this song! Memorize the song structure.
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