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Learn How to Play Guitar Over Skype

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Why Take Skype Guitar Lessons?

I offer fun and affordable Skype Guitar Lessons tailored to your goals as a guitarist. Learning guitar over Skype is a great way to quickly learn guitar while avoiding the pitfalls. Your 1st Skype Guitar Lesson with me is only $1. Get started today and have your own professional guitar mentor.

If you are serious about learning guitar quickly and becoming a better guitarist, then you know you will need a mentor.

I have been teaching guitar over Skype for many years and my students have had great success. Skype is a great way to learn guitar. I can watch your playing technique and give you specific instructions on how to improve. If you have any questions about guitar, song structure, or music and general, I can elaborate on a topic and help you gain a greater understanding of it.

How do Your Skype Guitar Lessons Work?

I offer Skype guitar lessons on a weekly basis at a regular time-slot. Your regular weekly time can be changed based on availability. I offer weekly 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour Skype lessons at a regular weekly interval. If you are unable make a lesson we can try to reschedule or you can ask me to use that time work on a song you want to learn or I can make you a private video to help you with a question you have. I am your guitar coach, at your service!

To get started, you will need a computer with a webcam, good lighting, a distraction free environment, and internet fast enough for Skype. You will also need to install Skype on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Advantages to Learning Guitar Over Skype

Using Skype to conduct guitar lessons also has many advantages over face-to-face lessons. One great advantage is that I can send you your own private video review after our lesson is over. Skype allows me to send you a 3 minute video message after we are done talking where I will review our lesson, give you you practice objectives, and give you pointers on how to improve.

You can also send me 3 minute videos using Skype where you can play for me a song or guitar exercise you’ve been working on! I can then view the videos to see your progress and help you improve when we meet over Skype.

Getting started is easy. Please fill out the new Skype guitar student survey below. Premium supporters of Good Vibes guitar or anyone who shares this page will get there 1st lesson for free. (get the coupon at the topof this page) My prices then are $129/month for weekly 30 minute lessons, $159/month for weekly 45 minute lessons, and $199/month for weekly 1 hour lessons. If you would like a video review after your lesson, I use the last 5 minutes of your lesson time to film the video. The payment for lessons is handled by Braintree and it is a recurring payment that you can cancel anytime.

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