Norwegian Wood in Dropped D Video Guitar Lesson and Chords

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How to Play Norwegian Wood in Dropped D on Guitar

In this two-part video guitar lesson, I will teach you the techniques you need to know to play the Beatles’ song Norwegian Wood on guitar in dropped-D tuning. Dropped D is a very easy alternate tuning because you only need to lower the low E string to D. When you are in dropped D, you can play a D chord using all 6 guitar strings. This tuning is perfect for the song Norwegian wood because it is in the Key of D.

Interestingly, Norwegian Wood is in the Key of D major during the verses and D minor during the choruses. The melody uses mixolydian mode. The mixolydian mode is almost like the major scale except the 7th degree is flattened. The b7 in the key of D is C. So the C note in the melody (really a D with the capo) makes the melody sound uniquely mixolydian.

I hope you enjoy this lesson, this is one of my all-time favorite songs. You can view the lyrics with chords below. Be sure to view video 2 where I will teach you how to combine the melody and the chords on guitar. I will also show you how to embellish the chords and melody. Premium supporters also get the interactive tab play along on Soundslice.

Norwegian Wood Guitar Lesson Video 2

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